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Kelly Mayo-Bean

Prior to joining knoell USA in February 2018 as a Senior Regulatory Scientist, Kelly spent 15 years at the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics serving as technical expert on the use of predictive modeling to assess environmental fate, hazard and exposure concerns for industrial chemicals. Kelly managed the development of numerous U.S. EPA predictive tools and administered the Sustainable Futures training program to educate stakeholders on the U.S. new chemical review process and use of predictive models to conduct screening level risk assessments. She also participated in various international activities within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and served as the US representative on the OECD QSAR Toolbox Workgroup. In 2015, Kelly became Associate Branch Chief in the Risk Assessment Division of the U.S. EPA, focusing on pre-notice communications with industry, scientific assessments for new chemicals, and acting as the Division liaison to the Chemical Control Division, which is responsible for issuing final determinations and regulatory actions on new and existing chemicals.

Email: kmayo@knoellusa.com


Jeffrey Hafer

During a 36 year career in industry Jeff held a variety of positions at Rohm and Haas and Dow Chemical including global regulatory specialist and global product stewardship manager for the Coatings business. In 2013 he became corporate TSCA manager for Dow Chemical. After retiring from Dow in 2016, Jeff joined knoell USA as a Senior Regulatory Scientist. During his career Jeff served as chair of the American Chemistry Council’s Regulatory Advocacy and Information Network, the American Coatings Association’s Product Stewardship Committee, and the Emulsion Polymers Council. 

Email: jhafer@knoellusa.com


Joanne Houck

Joanne has over 35 years of experience in the refining, petrochemical and chemicals industry.  After retiring from Sunoco, Inc. in 2011 as the Manager of Product Stewardship and Toxicology, Joanne became the Manager of Product Safety for Cray Valley USA.  In 2014, Joanne joined knoell USA as the Technical Lead for Industrial Chemicals and is now the Group Leader for Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs.

Email: jhouck@knoellusa.com


Michael Derelanko

Mike has spent over 35 years as a toxicologist in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Dr. Derelanko earned a BS at Saint Peter’s University (formerly Saint Peter’s College). He was a National Institutes of Health pre-doctoral trainee in the Albert S. Gordon Laboratory of Experimental Hematology at New York University, earning an MS and a PhD. Mike began his career in industrial toxicology as a research toxicologist in the laboratories of Allied Chemical Corporation in New Jersey, which eventually became AlliedSignal and later Honeywell International where he was corporate manager of toxicology and risk assessment. Mike continued his career at Adolor Corporation as director of nonclinical drug safety assessment. Mike joined knoell USA, then Critical Path Services, in 2013 and holds the position of group leader consulting in toxicology and risk assessment.

Email: mderelanko@knoellusa.com