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Polymers and Polymer Exemptions (TSCA08)

Certain types of polymers may qualify for reduced regulatory requirements under the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act. For example, some polymers may qualify for a pre-manufacture notice (or PMN) exemption and may also be excluded from the requirements under the Chemical Data Report (CDR) Rule. This presentation includes the definition of a polymer under TSCA and how polymers are listed on the inventory. It also presents the history of the polymer exemption, the current exemption criteria and data requirements, limitations of the exemption, and what is needed for a PMN when a polymer does not meet the exemption criteria. Information on certain polymer categories that the US EPA has identified as posing concerns for human health and/or the environment will be discussed, along with guidance on the data that is likely to be required to support notifications of these polymers.

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When you complete this course you will understand:
• The definition of a polymer under TSCA and how polymers are listed on the Inventory
• The current polymer exemption and its history
• The exemption criteria and details including data requirements and exemption limitations
• Premanufacture Notice (PMN) requirements when a polymer is not eligible for the exemption
• Polymer chemical categories
  • Video: Polymers and Polymer Exemptions
  • PDF: Polymers and Polymer Exemptions
  • Polymers and Polymer Exemptions - Quiz
  • Survey: Polymers and Polymer Exemptions
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